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Opening reception, September 2014, "Art Matters: Celebrating Artists and Educators", Gallery 85

In support of Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts.
Photos by Ava Chiao

Reception at Gallery85
Left to right: Eric of Gallery 85, Patrick, Director of Gallery 85, Sandy of Gallery 85, artist Carrie Ann Plank, artist Deborah Trilling, Lou Bermingham, Melissa of Gallery 85 (speaking), artist Milton Bowens, artist David Ogle, artist Kristin Lindseth, and artist George Rivera (partly obscured by camera).
Reception at Gallery85
Left to right: Artists Carrie Ann Plank, Deborah Trilling, Lou Bermingham, and Melissa of Gallery 85, speaking, artist Milton Bowens in front of Lou's painting "Osiris."
Reception at Gallery85
Artists Deborah Trilling and Lou Bermingham.