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San Jose Mercury News
Artistic Assessment Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone‘s keen eye for home values apparently extends to artwork, too... by Sal Pizzaro
Santa Cruz Style Magazine
Painter of Dreams Abstract artist Lou Bermingham reaches back 30,000 years for inspiration, by Robin Shepherd
Transmissions Gallery
Variations on Abstraction 2010-2015, Curated by Robert-Jean Ray Review
INSIDE Publications
Content Magazine
Lou Bermingham/ Artist - Moving Up Towards the Light
By Chad Hall. Photography by Melanie Riccardi.
INSIDE Publications
Los Gatos Weekly Times
Commentary: Bermingham's solo show on display at the Triton Museum
By Mary Ann Cook, for Los Gatos Weekly Times
An Abstract Contemplation
By Preston Metcalf, Curator, Triton Museum of Art
The Santa Clara Weekly
Diverse Impressions: Bay Area Abstraction exhibition March 7 through May 17 at the Triton Museum of Art
March 2009
Los Gatos Observer
A Night At the Tait Museum in Los Gatos Touch My HeART '08 is a spectacular success
By Alastair Dallas
February 2008
San Francisco Chronicle
Crumbling Holy City awaits a new dawn
by John Coté, Chronicle Staff Writer
December 2006
SFGate/Chronicle Archives
Work San Jose
Los Gatos Weekly
Norseman News
Los Gatos Weekly
European masters, aikido influence art
By Shari Kaplan
May 1996
Slide Presentation
Preston Metcalf,
Chief Curator Triton Museum

Triton Museum
Triton Museum Show
photo by Jim Dewrance

Crow. Mixed Media 20x28
1999, Mixed Media on Paper
20" x 28"